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Adelaide, SA, 5000




Paige Kerin

Easter is upon us (is it April already?), and to many people the priority for the religious holiday (yeah guys, it’s a religious event) is one thing; chocolate. I could bore you with the story of Easter, but let’s shorten it to the fact that we celebrate by eating chocolate eggs. I don’t know how we got here, but I’m okay with it. 

While Cadbury eggs are of course a classic favourite, with Lindt bunnies also making their standard Easter appearance, it’s still very acceptable to buy chocolate not produced in the form of an egg. Radelaide produces some damn fine choccies, served in a myriad of ways at the following chocolatiers:


Did you know that Adelaide is the home of one of the best chocolate brands in the world* ? Haighs is obviously one of the best things to ever happen – It’s pricey, but it’s well worth it. There is a wide range of different chocolates, truffles, bullets and more, but if you ask me you can’t go wrong with Haighs milk chocolate frogs.

*purely speculation


Koko Black

This sensual chocolate ‘salon’ lives in Rundle Mall at the top of Adelaide Arcade, and boasts a ridiculous menu of chocolate goodness. Try a light appetiser, like the Caramel Walnut Escargot (not snails, don’t worry), maybe some ice cream, or one of their speciality deserts like the Chocolate Alchemy Gâteau or the Belgian Spoil. They also have included alcohol, dairy, gluten, nut and animal free offerings for all the dietary requirements, both voluntary and involuntary.  


Steven ter Horst

Steven ter Horst is perhaps one of SA’s most luxurious chocolate experiences. Here, chocolate is an art form, and each product ‘tells a story to enrich the human soul’. So many chocolate feels. You can even enjoy a private dining experience, or take a masterclass with Steven himself.



The North Adelaide house of chocolate provides a super wide range of delicious products, including savoury options for the non-chocolate companions. Chocolatree offers one of the best things to ever be done for us by the French: crepes. Also, waffles, though I’m not quite sure who can claim those as their own anymore. Definitely get amongst the fondue, because if you’re eating fruit covered in chocolate it’s still healthy. Right? 

What is your favourite chocolate heaven? We want to know.