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Cultural Cuisines: The Adelaide Specialty Stores Making Authenticity Easy


Cultural Cuisines: The Adelaide Specialty Stores Making Authenticity Easy

Madeleine Manglaras

Leg of ham? Check. Roast turkey? Check. Tired and uninspired Christmas lunch menu? Check.

Although it was probably nice to keep to tradition this Christmas: the boozy pudding doused in hot, vanilla custard; fresh prawns; hand picked cherries; and doughy gingerbread men; there's no better time than New Years to start new traditions. With Indian and Chinese cuisine making weekly appearances at my dinner table in 2015, my New Years resolution will be to try more recipes that come from different countries.

Specialty grocers are at the heart of Adelaide's multicultural food scene, and are like no other when it comes to sourcing quality authentic ingredients from all over the world. Create a dish that is original, delicious, and (hang up your apron, Ma) a new weekly favourite, with a little help from some of the best specialty stores in Adelaide: 

A Taste of Marrakech Moroccan Food and Grocery Stall

There's nowhere else in the Adelaide Central Market that can spice up your culinary life quite like A Taste of MarrakechTubs of fresh spice, jars of preserved fruit, and delicate ceramics holding home made dips are just some of the sights you'll come across at this colourful store rich in African culture. You'll be transported to the sweeping deserts of Morocco and enticed into taking a bit of everything home with you. 

What to make: Harira (legume and lamb soup), Zaalouk (smoked aubergine dip), or Makouda (deep fried potato balls).

Where to go: Adelaide Central Market (R 17-18), 45 Gouger Street, Adelaide 5000.

Image via A Taste of Marrakech's Facebook page.

Image via A Taste of Marrakech's Facebook page.

Seoul Asian Grocery Store

There's two guarantees with Seoul's Asian Grocery Store: the first is that you'll leave with at least one mystery item in your shopping; the second is that, whatever it turns out to be, it's incredibly addictive. With isles of popular ingredients from the big city of Seoul, it's not hard to fall in love with the unique flavours of South Korean cuisine. Be sure to ask the friendly staff for assistance as most of the labels are in Korean.  

What to make: Bibimbap (mixed rice and vegetables with red chilli paste), Japchae (stir-fired sweet potato noodles), or Bulgogi (barbequed beef).

Where to go: 66 Grote Street, Adelaide 5000 (just opposite the Central Market).

Photo via SBS Food.

Photo via SBS Food.

Chile Mojo Specialty Food and Cultural Gift Shop

Get your Latin American mojo on and cook up a storm (or a heatwave) with Chile Mojo on Magill Road. Not only do they have a huge range of authentic Mexican cooking ingredients, they also have Adelaide's largest selection of hot sauces: and I mean hot. If you like mild flavours, you might want to start with something a little more palatable than their Voodoo Chile Freak Show Hot Sauce. 

What to make: Tamales de Navidad (Christmas tamalesPozole (hominy and pork soup), or Pan de Pascua (Chilean fruitcake).

Where to go: 395 Magill Road, St Morris 5068.

Photo via Chile Mojo website.

Photo via Chile Mojo website.

Gaganis Brothers Fine Foods Warehouse

Lose your big, fat, food-loving mind at Gaganis Brothersand spend hours deliberating over what you're going to cook for dinner tonight...and tomorrow night...and the night after. Their wholesale warehouse is Adelaide's biggest pantry, ready to meet your every eastern European cooking need. If you're not overwhelmed by the size of it, you'll at least be overwhelmed by the choice. Whether you want two kilograms of feta or 25, these bros have got your back.

What to make: Tiropitakia (cheese pastries), Dolmades (rice wrapped in vine leaves), or Pastichio (pasta bake).

Where to go: 9-13 Bacon Street, Hindmarsh 5007.

Photo via Adelaide Now.

Photo via Adelaide Now.

Happy multicultural cooking, folks! 

Header image via A Taste of Marrakech's Facebook page.