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Juicy News: Pure Press


Juicy News: Pure Press

Brittany Evins

Although it might not feel like it after the cool chill that came over Adelaide yesterday—it’s officially summer, and do we have a juicy secret for you! 

Pure Press Juice is not just another juice company with groovy packaging and a store that looks like it’s jumped straight out of an architectural magazine. They really are all about their juices, with almost one kilogram of the freshest and highest quality raw ingredients in every bottle. Pure Press Juice’s are also made differently to many others on the market, priding their company on producing juices that are free from pathogens, additives and preservatives.

When comparing your everyday juice with Pure Press Juice, research has proven that the juicing methods used by Pure Press can result in up to 50 times more essential nutrients per serving.

Pure Press make their little bottles of goodness using a cold hydraulic press to extract nectar and use a cold high pressure process to eliminate pathogens. This process means that the juice is never exposed to heat, maintaining all nutritional values of each ingredient.

“Our juices are guaranteed to provide the body with all the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help regulate the body and ensure it is operating at its peak efficiency,” says Pure Press Juice Owner, Brett Watchman.

“Our juices are smooth and pulp-free, providing 100% of nature’s natural energy whilst cleansing those unwanted toxins.”

You can choose from the eleven different types of juices including cleansing greens and nut milk based juices, which aim to detoxify and metabolise the body. Pure Press also have a cleanse range that helps the body naturally detoxify itself with a detailed program online that describes the processes and reasoning.

Pure Press Juices are available at selected cafes in Adelaide or on their online store here.

All images sourced from Pure Press Juice Official Webpage.