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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

The Gov's New Menu; Froth Accordingly.


The Gov's New Menu; Froth Accordingly.

Alexia Frangos

The Governor Hindmarsh is known for its chilled bevvies, endless gigs and sweet vibes that'll set you from a grumpy Monday mood to a wine o'clock Friday mood. Their unique floor plan and rustic, unscathed interior calls for some down time with mates sippin' on a coldie and eating some good old pub grub. 

This Is Radelaide was lucky enough to get an exclusive taste of the new menu launch for The Gov, and we couldn't have been more excited - it's like our second home! So forget everything you think you know about pub food and feast your eyes on these bad boys:


Cider Braised Pork Belly; slow cooked in Hills Cider with wood over roasted chat potatoes and fennel bulb.
Bring your bibs, cause you'll be frothing majorly when you see this baby come out. Soft and succulent pork belly, braised to perfection! The combination of the meat with crisp potatoes, and the Apricot Barbecue sauce that accompanied, winner winner pork belly dinner, I say.

Crispy Skinned Atlantic Salmon; with dill and lemon cocktail potato and sautéed spinach.
"Fish are friends, not food?" Uhh you'll change your mind after this is set down on the table! Salmon cooked amazingly and tastes fresh as, we could eat this superfood til the sun comes up. Blended with Tarragon sauce and potatoes that'll have your tastebuds sing, this is a dish not to pass up on.

Crisp Herbed Eggplant; on soft parmesan polenta.
Not a dish just for vego's, but for lovers of anything breaded and sided with the creamiest polenta ever. When cooked right, eggplant can be a healthy and fantastic tasting dish, and The Gov have proven that they do it damn well. Tender and soft with the crisp coating, this eggplant will have you (trying to) replicate it at home. A Red Pepper Chimichurri sauce on the side brought the dish extra life.

Eggplant (top), Salmon (middle), Pork Belly (bottom). Photo by Wade Whitington.

Eggplant (top), Salmon (middle), Pork Belly (bottom). Photo by Wade Whitington.


Vanilla bean and clove scented Panna Cotta; served with strawberry coulis.
Served with berry coulis on the side to add as you like, this Italian favourite is best shared because it's so big! The lovely vanilla and clove undertone with the creamy texture is something we can agree to eat again... and again. Simple stuff, executed perfectly.

Banana and Macadamia Nut Pudding; warmed with homemade vanilla ice-cream and hot toffee sauce.
Looks like a muffin that'll have you stuffin' (your face). Pour over the warm toffee sauce that tastes like Christmas, dig in and grab some ice-cream on that spoon too. You'll experience a symphony of flavours like nutmeg with the toasty macadamia nuts and banana texture. Too good to share, eat alone.

And just a spoon for one... thanks.

And just a spoon for one... thanks.

Adding a selection of twelve new AHMAZING sauces to add to your shnitty/meal, the new menu at The Gov needs to be tasted to be believed. The wonderful staff are more than happy to help you with any dining request, and we'd like to personally thank The Gov's Publicist Ryan Winter for putting on a great dinner and being the coolest host we've ever had.

So if you wanna catch a gig, scoff down some awesome food, or sip on a cold one after work, head down to The Gov at 59 Port Road, Hindmarsh and check out their website for more deets. Hit them up on Facebook and Instagram for all your Gov social media needs.

Header by Wade Whitington.
Article images by Alexia Frangos.