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Top 5 Day-Drinking Spots in Adelaide's CBD


Top 5 Day-Drinking Spots in Adelaide's CBD

Bonnie McBride

Day drinking (verb); The fine art of day drinking can begin with a champagne breakfast, a mimosa with brunch or a cider with lunch. It is a luxurious decision that, if fully committed to, says “I am not going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.” The best day drinking sessions start on a whim, often by looking out the window and declaring that this day is too nice a day to be wasted on work, or uni, or being sober. We all deserve our Ferris Bueller’s Day Off once in a while.

Benefits of day drinking:
- You can have the equivalent of what would be a full night out, and still be in bed by 8pm.
- Everywhere you want to eat is still open.
- Drunk Shopping (good and bad).
- Public transport is still running.

- See your city in a whole new, glaringly bright light. 

Now that we have established the benefits of day drinking, and if sneaking a flask into your local swimming pool is not your idea of a good time, use this list as your guide to drinking during the daylight hours in this wonderful city of Radelaide...

Hotel Richmond
128 Rundle Mall

Right smack bang in the middle of Rundle Mall, this balcony bar provides some of the best people watching the city has to offer. Listen to buskers and watch the assortment of Adelaideans walk by, all while drinking a Mojito and openly judging them. This makes a perfect first stop on any day-drinking crawl; they have cocktails galore and there is the added bonus of it being in prime drunk (and sober) shopping territory. Credit card holders beware.
Open from Midday every day.

Image via  Hotel Richmond

Image via Hotel Richmond

The Austral
205 Rundle St

This Adelaide institution is super popular for the lunch drinking crowd and boasts a classic pub menu to accompany your chosen beverage, and prevent you from diving too fast (Day drinking tip: DO NOT skip lunch). Currently in its 131st year, this icon of South Australian culture is welcoming to all Adelaideans. During the day The Austral thrives with 20-30 year olds knocking back beers between lectures and shift work. Suit and tie not recommended before 5pm.
Open from 11am every day.

Little Miss Miami
74 Frome St

What started as a pop-up bar during last year’s Fringe under the name Little Miss Mexico, has now become a staple destination for warmer weather in the East End. Having transformed like a butterfly into The Crab Shack late last year, this space still has the same spirit, vibe and basically everything else Little Miss Mexico had, but with some added crustaceans. Come here for the obligatory mason jars, Taco Tuesdays and Mojito Mondays. Whatever its next reincarnation may be, we will follow Little Miss to the end of its infinite sangria jug.
Open from Midday Fri & Sat, 4pm Sun-Thurs

Image via  Little Miss Miami

2KW Bar
2 King William St

This new kid on the block has already got people talking with its sweeping views of the city and refined style. Situated 8 floors above King William and North Terrace, 2KW puts you in the centre of Adelaide’s CBD. Not only do you need two different elevators to get you to the top, this place has style. Surrounding the indoor restaurant is a row of airy booths leading to the outdoor bar and ultimate view of the city. (Added snooping bonus: you get to see into the Governor’s house that sits on the opposite corner of King William and North Terrace… no towering gate can keep our eyes of your immaculate lawn now, Governor). While the restaurant lunch crowd looks admittedly pretentious, with their chequered shirts struggling to hold in their scallop-filled bellies as they wine and dine clients, the outdoor bar is truly worth it for the view, the vibe and the drinks.
Open from 10am Mon-Fri & Midday Sat-Sun

And coming soon…

The Royal Croquet Club
Victoria Square

Returning to our shores after a month-long stint in Melbourne, The Royal Croquet Club will call Victoria Square home from February 13-March 15. This outdoor wonderland was a huge hit last year during the Fringe and promises to have even more surprises this time round, including the Dot: Maze an “unforgettable performance installation” which looks like a Labyrinth-esque hedge maze come to life. This dream team were also responsible for the The Royal Raj Racquet Club that ran during the cricket, so you know you'll be in good hands.
Not ideal for day drinking during the week (opens at 4pm) The Royal Croquet Club will be your go to spot for Saturday and Sunday sessions, opening at 10:30am.

Honorary Mentions:

The Exeter
246 Rundle St

Like the Austral, this Rundle St pub is perfect for a midday drink with lunch and astoundingly, is open from 8am every day of the week. 8:00am. You could come here for a drink and still make it in time for McDonald's breakfast. So there’s that, and they also have a wicked beer garden in which you can enjoy a steak sandwich with chips for $9.90.

The Gallery
30 Waymouth St

Since their re-brand and refurbishment in 2013, The Gallery has been the after work drinks spot for the office workers of Waymouth St... But did you know they are open from 11am during the week? This rooftop bar is the ideal spot to relax with a midday cider, a share plate and to push those thoughts of deadlines to the far corners of your mind.
Open from 11am Tuesday-Friday and from 3pm Sat (perfect for a mid-week day drink)

121 Hindley St

Ahh Laneway… the bar that makes Hindley St look good. This would be higher on our list if it were open before 4pm, but during the summer months, 4pm still gives you a few good hours of day light. With its sprawling seating across the multiple levels this container-bar is utterly perfect for sipping their fresh juice cocktails on a sunny day. If you are considering an all day/all night drinking session, then Laneway is a good place to cross over to the dark side.

Open from 4pm Thurs-Sun

Image via  Laneway

Image via Laneway

Thumbnail via Little Miss Miami