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REVIEW: La Rambla Tapas Bar


REVIEW: La Rambla Tapas Bar

Bonnie McBride

Is Peel Street the Mary Poppins’ bag of laneways? Somehow, they have fit yet another up-and-coming bar into their little lane... and it’s no pint-sized parlour. La Rambla Tapas Bar is sprawled across three spacious levels, filling up the Tudor-esque building on the Currie St end of Peel.

La Rambla, presumably named after the bustling street in Barcelona, is spacious, sleek and shiny. They have large windows looking over Peel St that let in natural light and outdoor seating on the second level reminiscent of Proof Bar’s cosy set up a couple of streets away.

La Rambla is the kind of place you can explore and escape into. Following the winding stairs to discover the levels above is very Alice in Wonderland, and the dark interiors and cushioned corners add to the intrigue. The large windows have a commanding presence on each floor and allow for some prime people watching spots looking down on the bustling Peel St below. Perhaps the team behind La Rambla are making a comparison between the tourist hot spot of La Rambla in Barcelona and the exciting future that Peel St holds for Adelaide.

Enselada de la casa

Enselada de la casa

As for the menu, I can only weigh in on the lunch one. There is a small range of tapas (maybe too small) as well as salads, a Paella of the day and some fandwiches (fancy sandwiches). The Enselada de la casa, a salad of mixed greens, roasted vegetables, potatoes, goat’s cheese and caramelized walnuts with a Pedro Ximenez reduction was salty, sweet, crunchy and decadent; whilst remaining to be a 'salad', so you can still feel chuffed about how healthy and together your life is.

La Rambla have an extensive drinks list, which of course includes three different types of Sangria for $30. How could it not. They also have an exciting looking wine and cocktails list, which my dining partner was expertly guided through by the attentive and super lovely staff. Whirling their way through the three levels, two bars and kitchen, the staff make it clear how committed and excited they are about what they're doing.

La Rambla is part of, and a welcome addition to Peel St, but feels separate from it. It’s a destination bar that you can explore and get lost in while the outside continues to whiz around. The sleek and modern interior provides a nice contrast to the warm staff, while complementing the refined menu. Come here to spread out and breathe when escaping the cramped Christmas crowds below, the summer sun, or to simply watch the Peel Street-ers pour past.

Level Three

Level Three

Where: 28 Peel St
How Much: Tapas $9-$14, Mains $12-$18, Sandwiches $13-$17
How Good: Worth skipping your siesta for.

All images via Bonnie McBride and La Rambla's Facebook Page