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REVIEW: Pollen 185


REVIEW: Pollen 185

Bonnie McBride

Labours of love come in all shapes and sizes. They could be my mum’s collection of old-lady dolls (which are terrifying), Kanye West's self esteem, a Pixar movie, or in this case, Pollen 185. Owners Jimmy and Jyoti spent four months re-doing the interior of the King William Rd Café that opened today, and you can tell by their tired, beaming faces, that this is their labour of love.

The original idea for Pollen 185 was from Jyoti, after having traveled the world for a year, she wanted to make a base for her vegetarian cafe and translate her experiences onto the plate. Jimmy is the Melbourne import of the team, bringing his extensive coffee knowledge and brand (Rosso Coffee) to the table.


The space is not huge, but they have placed the seating and open kitchen in such a way that you don’t feel cramped. The décor is crisp, with white walls and white flowers adorning light wooden tables and a church-like entrance that lets in natural light.

The menu consists of a range of vegetarian and vegan treats such as Raw Zucchini Pasta, a Rainbow Tart and Chia and Almond Milk Pudding. But there are also some unique additions such as the Samosa Toastie (with coconut sambal and mango chutney) and Pineapple, Pear and Pepita Breakfast Loaf with Salted Maple Butter.

Ricotta Citrus Cheesecake

Ricotta Citrus Cheesecake

What I like about this space, other than the décor, is that they are not overly explicit about the fact that it is a vegetarian cafe. There is no meat on the menu, but it would be easy to miss, as there is such a diverse range of choices.

The coffee was smooth and subtle, made by Melbourne local and co-owner Jimmy, who admitted that he had never been to Adelaide before this year. But keeping him up to speed with the Radelaide way of life is his co-owner and Adelaide native Jyoti, who this morning was busy dishing up the moreish Baked Eggs and classic Avo on Toast, with a minty twist. They also have bliss balls, cacao nibs, goji berries and almond milk galore if you're into that sort of thing, as well as a range of smoothies and juices that can be cold pressed on request.

Baked Eggs with a surprise side of creamy feta

Baked Eggs with a surprise side of creamy feta

Pollen 185 has a relaxed, perhaps Melbourne-esque, vibe that doesn’t need to scream about being vegan or vegetarian or organic, it just is. It is a café that blends seamlessly into the Unley aesthetic while still feeling fresh and exciting. With the hope of outdoor dining in the future and a striking art installation in the works, keep your eyes on this space.


Where: 4/185 King William Rd, Unley

How much: $8-$15 for breakfast, about $15 for lunch.

How good: Real good. Go for a coffee pit stop in between shopping or sit in the window for a long lunch and watch all the beautiful Unley-siders stroll by.


All images taken by This is Radelaide and Bonnie McBride